Is your computer slow? Tired of all those popups on your screen? Stop waiting for windows to open or pages to load. At J&M Computer Repair we are experts at getting rid of all those unwanted popups. We work hard to get your computer up to speed and up to date.. J&M Computer repair has been serving the Austin and surrounding areas for over 6 years.

Our technicians at J&M will address the issue at the root and will ensure that your computer is free or any malware, virus, spyware or unwanted software. We specialize in working with Windows® computers but have experience on Mac® as well.

We encourage you to look around for the most value in computer services and are proud to say that you will only find the best work at the best prices at J&M Computer Repair. Don’t settle for downloads that promise to clean and upgrade your PC when all they do is add one more program to your computer. When it comes to getting rid of viruses or speeding up your computer the best option is to have an expert physically remove the unwanted software and check all other aspects of your computer not only your startup menu and internet add-ons.

You won’t be disappointed! We will go to your home or place of business for your convenience.